In an urge to connect with the cities of The Netherlands once again, two quirky, colorful and theatrical individuals learn to work together whilst exposing their unique inner qualities and making statements, just by being. They drag their mechanical kart everywhere they go, bringing life to any street corner, through a complex mashup of skills and live beats to generate positive energy. The Balancealots learn along the way to combine their specialisations: handbalancing and juggling together, which is not an easy task as they are opposites, manipulating gravity in two different ways. Alongside this, they also include partner acro, magic, live music and comedy to create a show that will oddly normalise weirdness. Whilst tackling themes of physical and virtual connections, on the stage, they are also casually breaking gender norms and stereotypes too.

But first of all, The Balancealots would like to remind everyone that, especially in these times, it is good to stay responsibly silly and to not take life so seriously all the time.